A complete list of all the features can be found in the documentation.

Release 1.2.2


  • Improved 10.1 compatibility
  • Slightly better menu performance since 1.2.2
  • You can now close VST3 container windows with Ctrl + W (and Ctrl + Alt + W)
  • Clear track (Alt + X) now works on all languages
  • Save as new version (Ctrl + Alt + S) now works on all languages again


  • Improved 10.1 compatibility
  • Clear track (Option + X) now works on all languages
  • Save as new version (Cmd + Alt + S) now works on all languages
  • Improved absolute duplicate (Cmd + Alt + S and Cmd + Alt + D) performance and reliability
  • Both of these absolute duplicate commands now work on all langages
  • Place track marker (Alt + L) now works on all languages
  • Added a fallback shortcut for opening the plugin menu (Cmd + Shift + H)

Release 1.2.1


  • The plugin menu should now ALWAYS adds items properly, even if you're in a huge project and your computer is being unresponsive and slow.
  • The show automation lanes shortcut now also works even if you're using Live in different languages.
  • Added the ability to disable the Ctrl + W command.


  • Added the ability to disable the absolute duplicate commands.
  • Added the ability to disable the Ctrl + W command.
  • Made the piano roll macro error much more friendly looking (with added instructions!).
  • The show automation lanes shortcut now also works even if you're using Live in different languages.

Release 1.2

Didn't think there was going to be another massive content update to LES, yet here we are.

  • Mac version release - LES has been rewritten from scratch using Lua and Hammerspoon to work on macOS.
  • Cross platform menuconfig.ini!
  • Dynamic reloads! Set dynamicreload to 1 in settings.ini and now you never have to worry about reloading ever again!
  • Reorganised documentation in the ini files
  • Manuals! LES is actually properly documented now...
  • Reorganised the scale menu
  • Added new scales from the Ableton Push 2 library that were previously missing:
    • Super Locrian
    • Bhairav
    • Hungarian Minor
    • Insen, Hijaroshi, Iwato, Kumoi
    • Pelog
    • Spanish
  • Massively improved performance on the Ctrl + Alt + S shortcut, don't blink!
  • Two new shortcuts (just don't use these on groups!):
    • Press Alt + X while hovering over a track (or multiple selected tracks) to clear its playlist contents.
    • - Press Alt + C while hovering over a track to recolour the track's clips.
  • Project time tracker! LES will now track how much time you spend on projects. To check out how much time you've spent, simply click "Project Time" in the tray.
    • The project time tracker only checks your time when you're actively using Live. Time spent browsing reddit in your browser is not going to add up to the tally :)
    • Though, if you want the timer to cut you some slack, you can disable "Strict Time" in the tray.
  • Rewrite of the settings.ini parser. It's now faster and less prone to telling you to reset randomly
  • Fixed a bug where holding Shift while middle-clicking would block all keyboard input until restart
  • Fixed a bug where LES would click on a random spot
  • Fixed a bug where the changelog wouldn't properly update

Release 1.1

  • Increased maximum plugin menu item limit to 2000
  • Submenus in submenus!!
    • add more slashes to go deeper
    • // would be inside the submenu above it starting with /
    • /// would be inside submenu // above it etc.
    • infinite submenus!
    • go back one layer with ..
    • every submenu needs to have at least one item in it (other than another submenu)
  • Added a toggle in settings.ini to remap the right shift + L command to right alt instead
  • Fixed a bug where you can't use ampersands in plugin menu titles
  • Hold left control to temporarily invert the auto add option (so: if autoadd is on, plugins will not autoadd while holding control and vice versa)
  • Changelog.txt now updates automatically
  • LES now asks you to replace the settings.ini file with the new default automatically when it's out of date.
  • Fixed a bug where the marker shortcut wouldn't work properly in Live 9
  • You can now quickly and safely view automation by clicking a knob while holding the piano roll macro (tilde `)
    • you can also add the clicked knob to a new automation lane if you hold down shift as well.
    • pianorollmacro + left click resets the knob to default! so be careful not to get the two mixed up :)
  • Added a check and a warning for when you're running Ableton Live as an Administrator.

Release 1.0.2

  • Quick day 1 hotfix that allows you to make MIDI clips even when you have disableloop turned off (whooops)

Release 1.0 & Release 1.0.1

  • Changed the version number to release 1.0 (and then 1.0.1 after some hotfixes)
  • Added more cheats
  • "Reload" is now always in the tray, even when debug is off
  • Added two short one tutorial videos to settings.ini
  • Added major 9 and minor 9 chords
  • Added gypsy scale
  • Added "fold" chords to the scale menu

Beta 1.6 RC2

  • Added shortcuts for closing plugin windows more quickly:
    • Ctrl + W to close the currently active plugin window
    • Ctrl + alt + W to close all vst plugin windows currently open.
  • Cleaned up readme
  • Added a notification at the start that tells you to double-right-click
  • Changed the way you remove the readme from the plugin menu, it's now part of the default menuconfig, rather than a toggle in the settings.
  • Added a video to the settings.ini that explains how to get coordinates for bookmarkx and bookmarky
  • Fixed a bug where the tray menu wouldn't show up properly before opening Ableton Live
  • Added a bunch of randomised tray flairs

Beta 1.5 RC1

  • Added two new absolute replace keyboard shortcuts. These can be used to paste copy and paste over something else without merging. (just don't use them on tracks)
    • The shortcut for absolute paste is Ctrl + Alt + V
    • The shortcut for absolute duplicate is Ctrl + Alt + D
  • There is a toggle in settings.ini for if you want to use the video shortcut.
  • Fixed the save as new version command for people with picky clipboards :(

Beta 1.4

  • LES now extracts resources from the exe! yay for slick presentation
  • Tray:
  • Added a website tray button
  • Added a debug toggle and tray button
  • Configure:
    • Added a toggle to disable the double 0 feature
    • Added a manual piano roll mode in case the automatic detection makes the script slow or misbehaves
    • Added a smart icon mode, where the tray icon is automagically hidden if you haven't used ableton live for a while
  • Improved stamp usage and added powerchords and octaves to "chords" in the stamp menu.
  • Added a secret ""cheat"" menu
  • Improved piano roll search accuracy.
  • Added a fix for multi-monitor usage on multiple displays with different high-DPI scaling settings
  • Added the Chromatic "scale" but I don't know why you'd ever use it.

Beta 1.3

  • Fixed a bug where windowed mode wouldn't be detected properly
  • Added the ability to stamp piano roll scales by holding Shift + Tilde
  • You can now instantly create a locator with Right Shift + L (left shift doesn't work what are you doing that's literally on the opposite side of the keyboard)

Beta 1.2

  • Further improved multimonitor support
    • You can now use LES and Ableton as a small window as well!
  • Double press 0 to delete (for people who don't have a delete key)
  • Added a new envelope mode shortcut "Alt + E", use it in the piano roll!
  • Superspeedmode! Huge performance gains can be had by disabling the safety delays in autohotkey: it makes the script a breeze to use.
    • Superspeedmode can be disabled in the settings.ini file
  • Massively overhauled the readme
  • Changed default settings
    • resettobrowserbookmark is now off by default
    • "Generators" are now called "Instruments" in the default menuconfig
    • Serum now actually opens serum for most people in the default menuconfig
  • Added the ability to change the piano roll macro, courtesy of my German friends
  • Removed a bunch more old junk testing code

Beta 1.1

  • Added the Ctrl + Shift + Z redo feature
  • Added a prompt at the start that asks you if you want to add the program to startup, rather than just doing it without asking.
  • Updated the readme to be more accurate for the release version
  • Lowered piano roll scan range so you don't accidentally trigger it with as easily
  • Removed a bunch of old junk testing code
  • Removed Herobrine

Beta 1.0

  • Fixed multi-monitor usage
  • Added a new dynamic icon that turns red when you pause it
  • Made save new version more stable on laggy projects
  • Removed beta testing drm
  • Added publisher info so smartscreen no longer trips up hopefully

Alpha 3.2

  • Fixed a bug with the "save as new version" feature
  • Added a new icon
  • Added startup a setting in settings.ini
  • Fixed a massive issue where the program wouldn't ever properly read settings.ini
  • Settings.ini is now loaded dynamically just like menuconfig.ini
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

Alpha 3.1

  • Added support for dividing lines in the plugin menu. Add "--" to the text file to add them anywhere, even in submenus!
  • Added temporary drm because dont leak pls
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

Alpha 3.0

  • Added changelog
  • Fixed bugs with the save new version command; the project name should now be correct more often!
  • added way more scales to the scale menu in the piano roll
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience