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Quickly add devices

Open a fully customisable menu of devices with just a double right-click . You can customise which devices appear and how they are categorised. You can even add menus within menus now!

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Use on all platforms

With 1.2, Live Enhancement suite is finally available on macOS! You can even use the same config files on both platforms.

Time your projects

Open a timer that tells you how long you've been working on a project for, just like in FL. This timer can be set to either activate only when you're in Live, or whenever Live is open.

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Close all plugin windows

Press Ctrl + Alt + W to quickly close all open plugin windows. A massive timesaver to declutter your interface when opening those crowded sound design racks with 300 VSTs.

Clear track

Press Alt + X while hovering over a track to quickly clear it of all of its clips. Useful when duplicating tracks.

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Draw notes

Hold the ~ Tilde key (or another key of your choice) to draw notes into the piano roll easily. Properly, not like Draw Mode.

Stay in key

Double right-click the piano roll to select a scale and stamp a scale on your piano roll. No more getting confused about whether your notes are in key or not.

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Quickly place locators

Press Right Alt + L to quickly place a locator wherever you are. Live doesn't include a shortcut for this, so we have.

Pan without your keyboard

Simply hold down the middle mouse button to pan. No more having to hold Ctrl + Alt to pan. Windows only.

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Quickly save versions

Press Ctrl + Alt + S to quickly save another version of your project and automatically number it, similarly to FL Studio.

And more, too

  • Double-press 0 to delete without a delete key
  • Use Ctrl + Shift + Z to redo
  • Press Alt + E to view envelope mode in piano roll
  • Press Alt + C while hovering over a track to colour its clips
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Compatible with all skins
  • Lightweight & fast

Don't take our word for it

See what these acts are saying about Live Enhancement Suite:

A picture of Mat Zo
Mat Zo
Yo the enhancement suite is seriously speeding up my workflow
A picture of Mr. Bill
Mr. Bill
haha fuck yeah that's sick
A picture of KSHMR
Congratulations on a game changer surely about to catch wildfire in the production community
A picture of Jaron
i approve of the live enhancement suite
A picture of San Holo
San Holo
wow. i need it.
A picture of in love with a ghost
in love with a ghost
damn im ryl liking this, seems so useful if u wanna go quicker
A picture of Reach
this is actually fucking nuts, its crazy
A picture of Jaydon Lewis
Jaydon Lewis
A picture of RetroVision
A picture of Mat Zo
I love what you did with LES!💪
A picture of Duumu
excited to use this as a part of my workflow
A picture of Machinedrum
A picture of Barely Alive
Barely Alive
awesome man! we are planning to get into streaming some production stuff so i’ll be repping <3
A picture of Tascione
you are an absolute legend. gonna save me so much time.
A picture of Lil Texas
Lil Texas
Amazing can’t wait to check this out
A picture of Jupe
LES is the epicest of the epic plz buy jk its free even better
A picture of rabidZen
this makes an already great program that much better.. if you're on ableton, you NEED this
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