Discontinuation Notice

The Live Enhancement Suite has been discontinued.

I've determined it's currently no longer worth the trouble to continue development on the Live Enhancement Suite. Both me and Kittywhiskers, who has helped maintain the Mac branche, will not be updating the program to add Live 12 compatibility.

As always, feel free to use the current version of Live Enhancement Suite, or to fork and modify the source code to adjust it to your needs if nescesary.

Back when LES launched, I was very passionate about Ableton Live, and at the time I thought it was so close to being perfect. I'm not a great programmer by any means, but I thought maybe a few band aid fixes could be enough?

I didn't do it in the most pretty way.. But yeah, for a few years it definitely was enough.

Through the success of the program I managed to get in touch with the development team over at Ableton.
I told them about the things I had learned from trying to listen to the community, and I was open to conversation. It seemed to me like the rapid spread of my crappy fix proved that I properly understood at least part of what their power users wanted.
But unfortunately they weren't interested in talking to me at all.

I did mention that ideally- I'd want most of the features in live to become part of the program natively, and that I encouraged them to make my program irrelevant-

The goal is to make music after all.

It took ableton four years, but I feel like we've finally reached that point. Most of LES' features other than the quick menu and the timers are in some way or another part of Ableton Live 12.

If you're looking for an alternative of the quick menu, I suggest you pick up a max device called Shortcut Buddy by the talented Noirlabs. (or alternatively LoadR)

The timer can be replaced by one of many (more accurate) max for live timer devices found on google.
Like this one I just found.

I hope at the very least that the Live Enhancement Suite was able to make your music production life at least a bit easier during the Live 10 and 11 era.

Thank you for your continued support!!

With love, Inverted Silence