Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

Live Enhancement Suite is a workflow enhancement tool written in AutoHotkey and Lua + Hammerspoon. Instead of making changes to Ableton Live itself, it automates user action at near-invisible speeds.

Both of these tools are often used to make quick and dirty shortcuts for personal use, but the goal of Live Enhancement Suite is to make a tool that works well for all users, making these shortcuts accessible and easy to use.

A complete list of all the features can be found in the documentation.

Why did you make this?

LES is an Ableton Live fan project run by artists.

In our opinion, Ableton Live is very close to being the perfect DAW for creating music and other content. However, there are additional features we wish were part of the software, but aren't, so we've created them ourselves.

We hope to make the music creation experience more enjoyable for beginners and professionals alike.

The program is starting, but the menu doesn't work.

This is a common problem people have when running Ableton Live as an administrator.

An easy way to fix this is to either run Ableton Live as a normal user, or to run LES as an administrator. Everything will work fine as long as both of them match.

The program refuses to start ever since I changed the menu!

You probably made a menu that somehow causes hammerspoon to crap out.

I try to catch most possile errors, but I probably did't get all of them.

Head to the finder, hit Cmd + shift + G; and enter ~/.LES/

In here you can find the menuconfig.ini file when the program refuses to start.

Try to look out for submenus without items, or empty lines that accidentally have a space bar on them.

The Ableton right click menu shows up alongside the LES double right click menu!

Ableton has changed the way right click menus work on Mac in Live 10.3, but the functionality hasn't changed.

Unfortunately there's not a way to fix this visual glitch without compromising performance. Don't worry, you're not selecting two things at the same time.

The scale menu isn't placing notes! How can I get it to work?

In order to place scale stamps you need to use the piano roll macro.

Please check out this page in the documentation for more information.

How do I update?

Please check out this page in the documentation for everything about installing and updating.

Disableloop isn't working!

To create clips with the loop disabled, use the ctrl + shift + m shortcut included in Live.

Remember that LES is just a macro toolkit. There's no way for us to know you're creating a clip if you do it by double clicking.

I can't create a search query that only shows up with the plugin I want!

Ableton seems to have removed literal search in a recent ableton update, making it more difficult to do specific plugin searches.

If all else fails, you can always save a preset of the plugin and then search for a .adv or .adg file instead.

Help! X other thing doesn’t work properly for me!

if you want the quickest possible support; please send @invertedsilence a DM on twitter (they are open to everyone, and I'll try to reply as soon as possible).

If you are sure you're experiencing a bug or a problem with the program, please create an issue on github.

For Windows Users, click here

For Mac users, click here

How can I contact you?

DM @invertedsilence on twitter if you can't figure something out!

Who made this website?

This website was made by Lucia Lovelace and Sylvian.

Can I remix the secret easter egg song?